10 Korean Fashion Trends for Summer 2020

Now it’s summer, and in summer you always want to wear dresses which are made with soft quality material and comfortable to wear. As you know, every country has a different clothing style, and the style varies according to their lifestyle and age. You have many outfits in your closet, but in summer, you choose the dresses you feel are free and which is in Korean fashion.

About Korean Fashion

Usually, you prefer loose and light clothing in summer days when you are going out to your home. The Korean’s woman’s known for their dressing sense and choosing clothes with the latest fashion. If you are wondering what to wear this summer, you can try some trendy dresses which will suit you.

Fashion is a part of Korean culture from the past years. There are hundreds of stores in Korea where you will get trendy Korean designs dresses. Although Koreans are grounded in their values and ethics. In Korea, most of the girls love to wear skirts or bodycon dresses.

They usually wear a high waist dress and shorts. They typically wear oversized clothing and tops, and that’s why they look cute and pretty. You can quickly found the trendy Korean dresses from Yishion SG. People will judge you through your communication, and your look so tries to choose dresses which can say about your personality.

Trendy in Korean Fashion this Summer

  1. Cropped blazers

No doubt, this blazer is in the trend from the last years and is never going to fade out. Korean girls love this dress at an extreme level. You can see this in every Korean girl’s closet. As you know that oversized blazers are in demand in South Korea, but people also love this new version of blazer for photoshoots and casual use. It will be best for you this summer. These cropped jackets make your look taller and slimmer.

  1. Open backs

If you are comfortable wearing the open back dress or top, then you can choose this. It is the best dress for the spring or summer season. These tops are the first choice of fashion girls who are continuously suggesting you some fashion tips and all. So, this summer expose a little bit of your skin and try to look stylish and sexy.

  1. Puff sleeves

If you want to look cute and chubby, then this one is the best for you. This season try this puffed sleeves top with skirts and jeans. You can carry it as a formal dress as well as a casual party dress. If you are a job holder and are irritated with your long paints and full-sleeved blazers, this one will be best for you.

  1. Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are quite popular this year. Many Korean girls love it. These Bermuda shorts come with a knee-length with a lavish look and perfect design. Try this Bermuda with a blazer for a professional look. You can also mix and match it with any of your dress to create a casual look.

  1. Sleeveless dress with unique belt detail

A sleeveless dress with a unique belt is best to wear in summer days. It is a half sleeve having a unique belt design in the waist. It has a zipper on the backside. You look smart when you wear this. It also gives you a casual look as well as an office look. It depends on you that how you can carry it.

  1. Black Button Up Shirt with Cropped Waist

You can try this full black sleeve buttoned up shirt with a cropped-up waist. By wearing this, you can create a casual look. You can combine it with a skirt and jeans.

  1. Long sleeve shirts

It is a black dress with a tie waist design. You will look slim when you wear this. It is a long A-line shirt which makes you comfortable, and you look slimmer. You look smart when you wear this.

  1. Shorts and bold striped top

You can see that many actresses wore shorts with striped tops if you see the Korean movies and dramas. This one is also is in the hit list of every teenage girl. It is best for summer days. You can carry it for a party or night out with your friends. These are comfortable to wear.

  1. Shirtdress

This summer you can try the A-line shirt dress which is comfortable and also is in trend. It has different patterns that make you feel pretty and cool.

  1. Ruffled skirt

The ruffled skirt is something that is trending every year. You can also try this for summer days. You can combine it with different designs of tops and all to create a unique look.

To Sum It Up

So, the above dresses are some comfy and relaxing dress you can wear in this summer. All the dresses are all-time favourites and are in trend. So, try to buy a dress which is in trend every year so that you can also save your money and space in your closet. If you are looking to buy a dress for yourself or your friends this summer, choose one of these ten trendy designs. Buy a dress and match it with different colours to create your look and be your designer.

It would be best if you chose an outfit which makes you feel confident and happy. If you want to look great every day, you should choose your clothes correctly according to the trend. There are many Korean dresses which are an all-time favourite and in trend, especially for summer days. No matter which style you want to adopt, in summer, you always prefer short, soft, and comfy fabrics. This summer try to choose some cool and latest design dresses which make you look beautiful. Most of the Korean celebrities love these trendy dresses, and they wore in most of the time.