3 Signs Your Home Needs Repiping

Owning a home can be a wonderful thing. Creating your own projects, designing what you want, remodeling — owning a home certainly has its benefits. But although owning a home can be great, there are some negative things you have to deal with. While that might mean mowing the lawn, cleaning the gutters, or redoing the floor, you might also have to deal with some plumbing issues. And if your home is old enough or if you have a plumbing disaster, you might consider repiping your plumbing system. Although it can be an expensive and time-consuming process, it can mean wonders for your home. However, it can be hard to understand the best time to consider repiping. In this post, we’ll discuss three signs that your home needs repiping.


One huge sign to keep an eye out for is corrosion. However, given the location of your pipes, it can hard to detect an issue. We recommend taking a look at exposed pipes in your basement or the pipes running to your water heater. Take a good look at these pipes and look for any discoloration, flaking, dimpling, or stains. If you notice any of these, your pipes are corroding. Other signs of corrosion are yellow/brownish water coming out of your sink or tub. If you notice any of these signs, we recommend calling a professional plumber on what to do next.

Old Plumbing System

While corrosion can easily lead to repiping, an old plumbing system is another huge factor to consider. The older a plumbing system is, the more susceptible it is to leaks and other issues. However, even old plumbing systems can still function like they’re new. But if your piping is over 50 years old, you could have a problem. This is because galvanized steel was used for piping up through the mid-twentieth century. While this steel is very strong and sturdy, it starts to corrode after 50 years of use. Try to find out how old your plumbing pipes are and replace them if needed.

Constant Leaks

While a few plumbing leaks here and there are normal, frequent leaks can mean that you have a bigger issue on your hands. If you’re constantly dealing with leaky pipes, it could mean that your piping is reaching the end of it’s life. While repiping can sound expensive and time-consuming, you’ll end up saving money because you won’t have to deal with leaky pipes any longer.

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