5 High-Quality Inkjet Cartridges For Your Printers

Inkjet cartridges are quite useful and cost-effective means for paper printing. Despite the launch of laser printer toners, inkjet toners still run smoothly and own a major segment. Whilst both have their own advantages, it’s inkjet cartridges at 123ink.ca that will be discussed in the guide below – what are the best types and the benefits of using them.

Are Inkjet Toner Cartridges Worth The Investment?

Inkjet cartridges for paper printing are astoundingly popular because they offer multiple benefits; and thus, are absolutely worth the hype. The best benefits of using inkjet cartridges for printing are given below.

  • They cost less and yet, most of them offer a high yield, saving a lot of money
  • Since the yield per cartridge is mostly high, the cost of printing per page is very low
  • The cartridges have a long shelf life. Thus, you can save more money by making a bulk purchase to get attractive discounts and stock up your inventory
  • The quality of the ink is par excellence. Therefore, inkjet cartridges are ideal for professional printing

5 Inkjet Cartridges To Look Forward To Buying

Looking forward to buying inkjet cartridges? The list below is something that you must explore then.

  1. Brother LC3013C Compatible Cyan Ink Cartridge

This OEM ink toner is compatible with the Brother inkjet printers of the LC3013C series. The beautiful Cyan ink has a deep rich pigment and 1 cartridge can yield 400 pages. It brings down the printing cost per page, on comparison with the price of the cartridge, to a mere 2.5 cents.

  1. Canon PGI-280XXL 1967C001 Compatible Pigment Black Ink Cartridge

Giving a stunning yield of 600 pages, one cartridge of this ink toner by Canon has a shelf life of 2 years. It offers high-quality clear printing and the printing cost/page is 4.2 cents on an average.

  1. Epson T220XL120 Compatible Black Ink Cartridge

This inkjet cartridge offer compatibility with Epson printers from the Expression series and the workforce series. It has a stunning high yield of 500 pages/cartridge and the printing cost/page is 3 cents only.

  1. Remanufactured HP 952XL L0S64AN Magenta Ink Cartridge

This magenta ink toner is compatible with HP printers from the OfficeJet pro series. It is extremely economical since one cartridge has a stunning yield of 1600 pages, bringing down the cost/page to just 1.4 cents.

  1. Lexmark 32 18C0032 Original Black Ink Cartridge


Compatibility is not an issue with this Lexmark ink toner since it is an OEM product. Besides, it offers ultra-clarity and the yield per cartridge is 200 pages.

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