6 Amazing Ideas to Organise Your Child’s Craft Supplies

A scene wherein your little prince is busy cutting colourful papers and pasting them together to create art is always a joy for you.

However, the mess created is not that pleasant.

More bewildering is the fact that your home has no organisation for all your child’s craft supplies and you have to dump everything in a big box or basket so that the entire box is emptied when the next project arrives.

So, you’ll realise the need for organising the craft supplies. However, you should do that in a practical and kid-friendly way so that children can easily find what they want and the system can be maintained.

For example, a big wall with shelves from top to bottom containing custom painted boxes and jars may amaze you on Pinterest, but is not practical in real life.

So, what to do? Here are a few tips.

1. Buy a Crafts Table

Take a look at the best kids craft table at Step2 Direct. It’s fun for kids and life-saver for parents. There are so many crafts tables in various attractive designs and colours.

They include an easel or two, a desk, shelves, boxes, drawers, containers and a stool to sit for the child – an absolutely mess-free arrangement where more than one child can create art.

Your child will feel proud to have her own crafts table and will learn to do things without being messy.

2. Spice Rack

Have you ever thought of repurposing your spice rack for craft supplies? Yes, you can use it where there would be bottles for small items like googly eyes, pom pom balls, buttons etc.

Just make sure your little artist can use the rack without any problem.

3. Hanging Storages

Hanging storages with transparent pockets are highly popular and practical for organization; but they are especially useful for crafts supplies.

They can accommodate crayons, scissors, glue tubes, paint bottles etc. conveniently in individual slots and can be accessed easily anytime.

4. Keep Glitter in Salt and Pepper Shakers

A nice way to store glitter is to use transparent salt and pepper shakers so that the contents can be seen from outside.

Your child can easily spread glue and shake the glitter over it to create amazing shiny crafts. You can store these shakers in the crafts table mentioned above.

5. Tackle Box or Sewing Kit

Googly eyes are available in all sizes, but it’s a pain to get two matching ones. But there’s a great idea – use a tackle box to keep googly eyes sorted according to sizes, so that they are easily accessible to tiny fingers.

Even a plastic sewing kit having compartments can be used for this.

6. Transparent Plastic Shoe Boxes

Transparent plastic shoe boxes are quite readily available anywhere, are inexpensive and typically stackable.

They are great to hold items like markers, foam cutouts, pipe cleaners, sticker pockets etc. Moreover, the lids help the items inside remain dust-free.

As you can check out for kids playhouse at Step2 Direct, you can check out various arts and crafts storage solutions. Get such a table to get rid of the clutter and enjoy your kid’s art.

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