A Word to the Wise Texas Driver

Ticket School’s online defensive driving Texas course puts you in the driver’s seat. Take charge of your own time as you complete your driver safety course. Our courses are 100% online, fully approved in Texas, and packed with interesting material, presented in a way that will keep you interested.

Most of our courses offer important benefits, whether you’re trying to improve a blemished driving record or you’re seeking to qualify for insurance discounts.

Got a Ticket? What to Do Now.

Don’t put off dealing with a ticket. Even minor violations in Texas can lead to a suspension when they add up.

The county court for the place where you got your ticket must permit you to take a defensive driving Texas course. If you qualify, your course completion can get your ticket dismissed, or lower the points on your driver’s record.

Check your ticket to see your response deadline. If you need to take a court-ordered Texas driver improvement course, take prompt action. You’ll want the court to receive Ticket School’s certificate, showing you completed the test, by the deadline.

Learn to Steer Clear of Pricey Insurance Rates.

Your insurance agent might have pointed out to you that completing a defensive driving Texas course helps many people keep their insurance rates from rising, or even helps them get their premiums lowered.

This means if you make the call to take a driving safety course voluntarily, your vehicle insurance agent may be able to shave a bit off your premiums. Ask your insurance agent which courses count, and how often you need to take them to keep your discount in effect.

Why Are Ticket School Courses Popular?

With Ticket School, you’ll find more animations, videos, and interactive graphics than in other courses on the market.

And of course, with our courses, you don’t need to drive to a building, look for parking, or sit in a classroom.

Take your desired course in your own space, with your own device, on your own terms, working on the course day or night as you prefer. Whether you use a computer, iPad or smartphone, whether your operating system is Windows or Apple or Android, we’ve got you covered! Your certificate of completion comes right to you online, in a printable PDF.

Learn More.

The best benefit of all is the way our courses help you, a Texas driver, stay safe and out of crashes. Defensive driving Texas courses hone your driving knowledge and help you avoid costly and dangerous crash scenarios and violations.

Find out more about registering for your 100% online course, or call us at (800) 558-9887. We’ll be glad to help you get started.

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