Affordable Women’s Jewelry is here thanks to Adore Shine Jewelry

The organization’s mission, to be established by 2020, made it necessary to create an affordable product because thousands of Americans now need smaller budgets. We believe that everyone deserves something more, including the great looks that inspired the creation of Adore ShineJewelry, and that’s why we offer handcrafted, stylish jewelry and fashion accessories designed by female artists. I want every woman to look and feel safe in her own skin And I don’t think it should be expensive to look good. The company was founded by two sisters who work for poor families who understood the need for affordable products. We have arrived where we are today, with handmade, stylish jewelry and fashion accessories made here in the US for mature women and their families, and we are proud of that.

Starting a business during an economic crisis or pandemic is not easy, but people still want to look good and still shop. We have cleared this hurdle by selling our own jewellery at a discount, including face masks. A fashionable face mask designed by a New York artist that can be worn with any outfit in difficult times. We offer it for only $5.00. It is sold in a variety of colors and sizes, from black and white to red and blue to black, white and gold., you can get anything, but a person’s salary shouldn’t stop them from looking good and feeling beautiful. Adore Shine Jewelry specializes in women who live on a budget and pay paycheck to paycheck.

Competitors often charge more than $50 a piece for a chain, for example, and in China, models are replicated that cost an arm and a leg and are not normally even made in the US. At AdoreShine Jewelry, we are committed to providing affordable, artist-designed and handcrafted jewelry.

We make all our products in New York City, we make them in our own factory, and we hire New Yorkers, designers and fashionistas to make our jewelry with trends in mind. When it comes to our customers, the biggest measure of success is more than the dollar amount. When they tell us how a little piece of jewelry makes them beautiful, it is the effect we have on them. We say no to models made in China at a price they do not normally even get in the US. Our competitors produce models at prices so high that we cannot even make the product in my own factories, let alone in a factory.

Adore Shine Jewelry is working to become a place where women can shop well – designed costume jewelry and accessories at affordable prices. Adores Shine offers a wide range of high quality, affordable and high quality jewelry for women of all ages.

We currently sell a wide range of high quality costume jewelry and accessories for women of all ages and are expanding daily. We hope to add 10 new products per week by the end of the year and we also aim to sell artistically designed watches on our website by the end of 2021.

As a company founded by two sisters from a low-income family, we believe that dollar amounts should not stop a woman from feeling and looking her best and wanting to look luxurious at all costs. Our jewelry is the perfect accessory for any outfit and a little dazzle can complete an outfit or give women a better feel for their overall look.

Adore Shine was founded for one reason, and that was that the COVID 19 pandemic was not easy for us.

My single mother raised me and my sister with the help of her dedicated grandmother, and that’s where I am today. I want to pay tribute to my mother, who is by far my greatest inspiration and far beyond. My last thought is that I am trying to revolutionize the jewelry industry here in America. She was a great inspiration to me far beyond the borders of the country And I understand that she will continue to help me get to where she wants me to be.

Women deserve to feel special without having to pay for an arm and a leg, and I am tired of getting fed up with jewellery costing more than an outfit. Shine Jewelry, which offers high-quality jewelry by American artists, comes from jewelry and accessories that my mother handmade for those who knew they couldn’t afford it.