Get Pain Relief With A Prolotherapy Specialist

What is Prolotherapy?

A growing and popular treatment option, prolotherapy refers to the body’s ability to promote natural healing within the body. When the body begins the healing process, tendons and muscles begin to repair and the damage is reversed without surgery. What is done during these treatments are injections into the tendons or muscles with a solution that is known to irritate the area. The body becomes aware of this irritant and begins to fight it in the body, hence the onset of natural body healing. As the body begins to fight this irritant, it is also healing the original injury, promoting successful healing and pain relief.

When the body begins healing itself, the tissues and tendons begin to strengthen, and they are able to continue promoting positive results even after the treatment has concluded. There are a variety of prolotherapy options available based upon the irritant used and the location of the treatment.

What is a Prolotherapy Specialist?

A prolotherapy specialist is a person who is medically licensed to perform the different types of prolotherapy treatments available. Their medical background began with an orthopedic or anesthesia background. This person determines the right type of treatment for your injury, based upon where it is located and how long since the injury began.

What are the credentials?

Traditional medical school is a minimum requirement for this type of treatment. Those Specialists who are certified to perform these prolotherapy treatments are medical professionals that range from anesthesiologists to orthopedic surgeons. These professionals have been certified through one of the few programs offered in the United States that give them the specialized training and license to practice these treatments. These programs are essential for the practice of prolotherapy. The most common programs are offered at either the American Association of Orthopedic Medicine or the American Academy of Sclerotherapy. Because this treatment is so specialized, these prolotherapy specialists are low in numbers across the nation.

Should you contact a Prolotherapy Specialist today?

If you are suffering from chronic muscle pain in your back, or a tendon injury that may require surgery, you may be a candidate for prolotherapy. Because this treatment is specialized, you may need to contact your Orthopedic physician and obtain a referral for a specialist near you. Maybe you have tried surgery or other treatment options and have received no relief. If so, the success of prolotherapy in chronic pain can be reduced or in some cases removed with the use of this treatment. When you meet with a specialist, give them a history of your pain, the treatments you have tried, so that a proper determination can be made for your personal care.

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