Gift ideas for Basketball Players: Achieving Momentum and Motivation 

Basketball season is on the roll! NBA season is almost midway yet people are still hyped up about something to talk about aside from the pandemic and the physical distancing. 

While players are on the bubble, everyone else is actually warming up to the trend. If your friend or family is an aspiring player, this list of gift ideas for basketball players may be your guide.

The Basics

Every player needs stuff to play safe and efficiently. You can consider giving mouth guards, ankle socks, towels, wristbands, earbuds, shooter sleeves, leg sleeves, extra shorts and tank shirts, non-skid shoes, and water bottles.

Never buy running shoes for a game, whether for practice or for the actual game. They won’t be able to give proper support and may cause injury. Do you know the size of their feet? Shoes should also be a nice snug fit with support for the ankles and anti skid features. 

The kind of players that they are are also important in choosing the kind of shoes. For example, players whose roles are runners in the court need to purchase light weight shoes.

As for balls, well, generally, an extra isn’t a bad idea. Add a needle and pump to boot.

To top it all, get a basketball bag large enough to hold everything together

The Advance

Now moving on to the fun. 

Dribble Stick is a great practice tool, for all players both in and out of the court. 

Another training tool is this Quick Ladder to improve footwork and general speed. 

Ball Hog Gloves are genius. These babies will make it harder to grip the ball making the player work much harder on their own skills in dribbling. Great for those who need help in this area of improvement. 

Pair it up with a Weighted Speed Vest that weighs down the player’s chest to force them to exert more effort in movement. The combo may just be the extra push a serious player needs. 

The Super Fan

Books inspired by one of the best coaches of all time are great motivation. Check out “Wooden”, “Practical Modern Basketball” that zeroed in on John Wooden; and “Stuff Basketball Player Should Know” for those who want to get even better at the game. 

Alternatively, you may try gifting movies featuring basketball such as “Hoosiers”, “Coach Carter”, “Hoop Dreams”, and “Glory Road”.

Want to motivate even more?

You can get a high quality basketball engraved with your own message. It will do well in kicking up more inspiration for stricter and better training. You can get one from My Lovely Presents.

Basketball players, like everyone else, need some extra push sometimes, so it’s very necessary to boost their spirits. With these gifts ideas for basketball players and proper training, they could be the best basketball players they can be. 

Like what Black Mamba once said, “The most important thing is to try and inspire people so that they can be great at whatever they want to do.”