Morganite Rings & Its Key Points

A morganite may be considered as a very beautiful, comparatively affordable, and a durable pink gem. Morganite Rings are high in trending and there a lot of positive factors to support the same. Back in 1910, Morganite was founded at Madagascar by a gemologist named George F. Kunz. During those days, George F. Kunz was the personal gemologist of banker J. P. Morgan and at the same time, he was also the chief gemologist at Tiffany & Co. It is said that Morgan was also known as a famous gem collector and Kunz had named this wonderful pink gem in his honor.

Interesting Facts about Morganite Rings:

  • Popularity-

Since 2002, the color Pink has started becoming acceptable by a lot of people since it denotes love and romance. Secondly, since Pink Morganite Rings are highly affordable as compared with pink diamonds, it has automatically gained a lot of popularity. And the ones with rose gold settings are an added advantage.

  • Type-

Morganite has different shades such as pastel pink, purplish-pink, yellowish pink, orangey-pink, aquamarine, emerald, and beryls. Apart from it, this is a very rare gem. It also ranges between 7.5 to 8 in the scale of hardness and thus making it suitable for everyday wear.

  • Originating Countries-

Though Morganite was discovered in Madagascar, but a major quantity of it is found in Brazil and Minas Gerais. It is also found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Mozambique, Namibia, and United States but in less quantity. Madagascar may not be the largest producer, but the ones found there is the best quality.

  • May also be fitted with diamond-

In order to make your Morganite Rings look more attractive addition of a diamond to it would be like a cherry on the cake. It is rightly said that morganite and diamonds form an amazing and classy combination. In fact, a diamond and a morganite consisting of various shades can never fail to attract other’s attention. A few things to remember before adding a diamond to a morganite is as follows:

  1. The diamonds that are more colorless will better contrast with a morganite making the ring look bold.
  2. The morganite gets compliment when combined with diamonds having yellowish tinge and gives the ring a softer look.
  3. When a diamond is combined with a morganite, the diamond probably reflects some of the pink of morganite and thus ending up with a pinkish appearance.

8 Morganite Engagement Rings that Burst with Blush

  • Ideally accepted as Engagement Rings-

Various factors have proved that Morganite Rings are widely accepted as engagement rings. A few of the factors supporting the same is that its cost is very pocket friendly and because it is one of the hardest stones, it requires less maintenance, and the chances of getting damaged is also very less. Secondly, a bezel setting would further make it much harder and it is one of the safest and excellent choices to restore the same and doubling its life span.

Key Points of Morganite Rings:

  • Gemstone of Divine Love-

Morganite may be considered as the most admirable gem amongst the others. It is because of its tenderness and delicate colors; it is appreciated as a gemstone of Divine Love. It also brings promise, healing, assurance as well as compassion.

  • Durability Factor-

Since Morganite has a very good rating ranging between 7.5 to 8 in the scale of hardness, it is a pure combination of very high hardness, clarity, durability, and also the tender color increases the value of Morganite Rings.

Furthermore, based on the studies of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), some of the world’s best and renowned jewelers have also declared Morganite as Natural AAA/AA/A and this has resulted in the increase in the ease of the customers. It is also used in fine jewelry by many of the renowned jewelers.

  • The color is the most important factor-

Whenever the quality of a morganite is determined, the color plays a very vital role. Morganites are very well known because of its transparent pink color, though it has various shades ranging from pink to pale pink, salmon color, or violet-pink.

  • Best in Clarity-

Morganite is classified as a Type2 Gemstone and they are found with a few inclusions. The majority of the Morganite Rings are eye clean and thus they do lack visibility inclusions. In fact, the best quality of the morganite is absolutely clean and they are also free of visibility inclusions of any such kind. When it is cut and polished, it is said to exhibit attractive vitreous luster. Thus, it also helps to increase the value of morganites.

  • Carat Size-

Since the morganites are largely found in big sizes, their carat size never has a huge impact on the prices. Therefore, you can buy a big size morganite ring without having a much impact on your budget and it is also seen that bigger size Morganite Rings exhibits better color.

  • Easy to clean-

Since Morganite Rings are very hardy and durable, it enjoys lesser maintenance. You can easily clean with warm soapy water or a soft cloth. For the betterment of the morganite, it is advisable to avoid cleaning it with any sort of chemicals.

  • Famous Morganite Ring Designs-

Few of the famous yet popular morganite ring designs are emerald cut morganite and cushion-cut morganite. Apart from the same, the 14K rose gold Morganite Rings also tops the list because of its popularity. Amongst the same, Edwardian Morganite Rings and Victorian Morganite Rings do receive a lot of compliments.

  • Famous Morganite Engagement Rings-

Amongst the long list, the once with an oval or a round greater than 1 carat as well as the 14K rose gold Morganite Engagement rings are very much popular amongst the best engagement rings and are also purchased worldwide in huge quantities for the same. A solitaire morganite engagement ring in rose gold also attracts a lot of buyers because of its exotic and much attractive look.

Thus, Morganite is highly beautiful, durable, and has various shades in order to attract a lot of buyers. Secondly, its affordability makes it a good alternative when compared to a diamond. It is also a very rare stone which is one of the factors for its increase in value as well.