Natural ways To Thicken Hair

Natural ways To Thicken Hair

There are many reasons why your hair may be thinning, including age, genetics, stress, and illness. The good news is that there are ways to thicken hair naturally without resorting to expensive treatments or medications. Below you will find some natural treatments for thickening hair!

1. Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) Hair Rinse

This is one of the best and cheapest ways to make your thinning hair grow faster. It not only thickens the hair but also moisturizes it, leaving it soft and shiny.


Add one part ACV and 2-3 parts of water to a bowl and soak your hair in it for about half an hour. Do this once or twice a week until you see visible results.

2. Coconut Oil Massage

Coconut oil is a great way to get thick hair naturally. It prevents breakage, making the hair thicker and longer even without any extra effort.


Massage coconut oil on both your scalp and hair regularly for about 10-15 minutes. Then rinse it off with warm water, cold water, or an apple cider vinegar mixture. You can also comb your hair after rinsing the oil off with a wide-toothed comb.

3. Avocado Mask

As an avocado contains more than 90% of water, it helps in moisturizing the scalp and stimulating new hair growth.


Mashup two avocados. Add 2 teaspoons of coconut oil to it, along with the juice of one lime, and blend into a smooth paste. Apply this mixture all over your scalp, using your fingers to carefully massage it in. Leave on for about half an hour, then rinse off thoroughly in the shower. You can also add a little bit of fresh aloe vera gel.

4. Henna Treatment

This is one of the oldest and most widely used ways to treat hair loss and thinning hair naturally. The results are visible within just a month or two of regular use. It nourishes your scalp and helps your hair grow thick and lustrous.


Mix some henna powder with water to form a paste and apply all over your scalp and hair. Wash off after 15 minutes or so. You will notice that it has dyed your hair in vibrant shades of red and orange. This is normal; do not worry! After washing your hair, apply some coconut oil or almond/coconut oil over the dyed hair.

5. Onion Juice

Onion juice is packed with sulfur, which helps in producing keratin – a substance that makes up your hair and nails. It strengthens damaged hair strands at the root level, helping your hair grow thicker and stronger.


Grate an onion and extract the juice. Apply this on your scalp with the help of a cotton ball. Leave it on for about half an hour before washing off thoroughly with shampoo or apple cider vinegar mixture. You can also apply some aloe vera gel after rinsing to soothe any irritation that may have occurred due to the onion juice.

6. Flaxseed Oil

This is one of the most effective ways to stimulate hair growth naturally. It contains omega 3 fatty acids, which are essential for providing nourishment to your hair and promoting healthy hair growth.


Mix some flaxseeds in coconut/almond oil (1 tablespoon mixed with2 tablespoons of either oil), and heat over a stovetop or double boiler to extract the oil: strain, and store in a bottle for your use. Massage into your scalp every day before going to bed for a healthy head of hair.

There are many different natural methods on how to grow thicker hair. The best way to find out which one is right for you is by experimenting with them! It may take some time and effort, but the benefits of thicker hair will be worth it in the end. Give these tips a try today!