Perfect Nail Decoration As Per Your Requirement

Although nail decoration and color are crucial for most of us, we must not forget their shape. The correct shape of the nails can completely change the attractiveness of the whole hand, slim the fingers or underline the beauty of the natural bed.

Nail shapes

When choosing a shape, it is important to look at all known types and shapes, there are many of them. The basic shapes are 5 – square, round, oval, almond and coffin / ballerina shape. To determine exactly which style is best for you, you will need to consider the shape of your finger, the width of your nail and the length of your nail.


Almond-shaped nails have slender sides that taper to a rounded tip at the end. This shape of nails flatters long nails, you won’t make a show with short nails. It suits long and narrower nail beds. Almond nails are also ideal for creating the appearance of slender hands. Ladies with short fingers will appreciate this shape thanks to their ability to optically extend it. If you think this shape is for you, try it with a neutral or nude varnish or with a showy decoration.


If you want to optically extend your fingers, but want to keep your nails short, you should consider a round shape. Round nails, which have a short length with a naturally curved edge, are ideal for inconspicuous extension of short and wide fingers. The shape can also be used to make wide nail beds look narrower and longer. Round nails are not only classic, but also versatile and problem-free. It isperfect for ladies who don’t have time. Round nails are easy to maintain and any shade is suitable for them. About that get the best support as you visit


As well as its round shape, it is also square, ideal for shorter nails. This shape of the nails is characterized by straight edges and a aligned nail tip. It looks elegant and stylish. Square nails are especially flattering for those who have thin hands and long slender fingers. When it comes to colors, square nails look best with vibrant, bold and high-gloss shades.

Nail shape “coffin” or “ballerina”

Coffin is the best shape for long nail lovers. This shape of the nails, also known as the “ballerina”, is named after its silhouette, which resembles a coffin and a ballerina. This shape is specific in its length and tapering tip with an angular alignment. It is more suitable for strong and durable nails, short and fragile nails may not be able to handle this shape. Alternatively, you can try this shape with acrylic nails. The shape is more difficult to maintain and looks great with neutral, light and matte colors.


This shape is suitable for short or thicker fingers, which lengthen and optically slim. This is the short or medium-long nails with a semicircular tip, somewhat reminiscent of the shape of an almond. This elegant shape can also be created on shorter nails. Oval nails look great with any decoration or pastel tones.