Read This Before You Start Shopping for Vegan Shoes

The vegan lifestyle is becoming more popular, as evidenced by the sheer size of the #Veganuary show at the beginning of 2020. Many big-name brands and celebrities have dissociated themselves with leather products. Other brands support vegan philosophy and culture by offering vegan women shoes.

People and Brands Are Embracing Veganism

Celebrity stylists are reporting more cases of their A-list clients refusing to wear leather products. Miley Cyrus and Natalie Portman are among the celebs who’ve turned vegan. As veganism gains momentum, high-end fashion brands are adding products such as vegan shoes to their cruelty-free collections.

None of the materials, including the adhesives, in these shoes come from animals. These shoes modern synthetic alternatives to fur, silk, wool, and leather. Many vegan shoe designers use high-end polyurethane (PU), a fabric-backed plastic coating. Albeit not the perfect replacement for animal products, PU uses fewer products than PVR (its toxic predecessor) during shoe production. Other vegan materials include Muskin (derived from mushrooms), cork, pinatex (derived from the fibre of pineapple leaves), and recycled plastic options.

Shopping for Vegan Shoes

Vegan brands aim to minimize their carbon footprint by eliminating waste from toxic chemicals used to an and dye leather. This production method appeals to conscious shoppers. When shopping for these shoes, check for a PETA or The Vegan Society logo. You can also learn about a brand’s products by reaching out to them and asking about their production materials and processes.

Here are four trendy options to consider when shopping.

  • Marion Black’s Slingback Heels. These multi-season shoes feature styles that include everything from heels to women’s Mary Janes made for comfort and sustainability. Materials such as PU, micro-fibre, Spanish fabrics, and locally sourced components come together to make the shoes.
  • Will’s Vegan Store’s Black Loafers. London-based Will’s Vegan Store has non-leather shoes that match everyday looks. They’re not only great for both the workday and weekends, these shoes come with strong grip soles.
  • Minuit Sur Terre’s Virevolte Trainers. The glittery PETA-approved faux-suede trainers are quite popular. The sparkly chunky soles come in several colors (sand, white, taupe). Available styles include summer-ready sandals and ankle boots.
  • Po-Zu’s Sneak C Silver. This London-based brand makes comfortable but stylish shoes using materials such as pinatex, FSC certified beech wood, organic cotton, linen, and microfiber. Styles include wedge-heels sandals, slip-on flats, women’s Mary Janes, and trainers.

These are but a few examples of vegan footwear that save the planet as they express your refined fashion sense.

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