Select the Best Timeless Piece of Pearl Earrings by Checking its Authenticity

Pearl is obtained from a living creature. Natural pearls are rare to find because out of 10,000 oysters, only one may produce pearl naturally. Thus, to meet the market’s demand farmers started cultivating pearls. Although they aren’t from oysters, but from mollusc, but the process remains the same. This process has given an opportunity to all to enjoy the traditional gem that our grandparents have cherished for years.

Pearl is the best friend of women. This is one gemstone that goes with any attire. Whether it is a single pearl studded earring or double pearl earrings along with diamonds, each has its own importance and charm. However, there are many factors that determine the quality and price of a pearl stone.

Here are some factors mentioned below –

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Size
  • Nacre quality or lustre
  • Surface quality


Pearls are generally cream or white in colour, but there are many other sorts of pearls which are available in different shades. Such pearls are available at specific areas and have a certain importance and value. Tahitian black pearls or South Sea Golden pearls are uncommon stones and are much in demand. This also makes them expensive.


It’s difficult to determine what shape a pearl will take after layers of nacre is uploaded by mollusc on it. However, earrings will have same shape of pearl with same size. There are different shapes like oval, teardrop, semi round, round, baroque and semi baroque, out of which round shape is rarely available and are expensive as well.


While buying pearl earring, ensure that the size of pearl, matches with your face size and contour. Thus, try them once in the store before purchasing.

Nacre quality or lustre

In a pearl, lustre isn’t the shine that comes out of the pearl, but it is the reflection that appears on the exterior layer of the gemstone. If the nacre quality is good and pearl is lustrous, then it will appear like a mirror. Poor quality nacre will always give a distorted image.

Surface quality

Pearls are softer than diamond and ruby therefore, they can scratch or crack while trading. Thus, look for any blemishes on the surface. Real pearl will never be very smooth there will be slight uneasiness on the surface but not much. If you find any crack at the drilled area, then the chances of more cracks in near future can increase.

You can always get pearl earrings according to your budget. However, while buying from any store, ensure that you get an authenticity certificate.