Some nifty tips for a new mother!

Check the ingredients and labels 

It can be a pretty traumatic process to look for good skin care products for your baby. In today’s world, there’s no dearth of brands that make tall claims, but experience tells us otherwise. You can’t afford to be swayed by pretty packaging or ingredients that are hard to pronounce. It is best to rely on products that are organic and Nature-friendly. You want to go through the ingredients and avoid products that contain sulfates, parabens and silicone in them. These chemicals are harmful even for adults, what to speak of babies? A baby’s skin is extremely delicate and vulnerable to allergies so consider using products that are mild and nourishing to the skin. It should also help retain moisture.

Allergic reactions 

A baby’s soft skin is not resistant to the harmful chemicals that are contained in most skin care products. New mothers can research on a bunch of products before zeroing in on one. To stay in the safe zone, it is best to stick to natural products. 

Be on the lookout for natural products 

You can be a prude when it comes to selecting baby products. It certainly pays off! Don’t be allured by natural product labels. Look through the ingredients and be certain that they’re 100% natural. They may make any number of assertions, but it may not be true. There are online stores like that carry hundreds of brands to choose from!

Are the products efficient?

The products should be dermatologically tested and certified by Doctors. Products like these which are licensed by medical experts are relatively much safer to use than others in the market. If you are still apprehensive, then you can always ask for a second opinion from other mothers before going ahead and using them.

Do not fall for the hype of fragrances

If the fragrance is too strong, then there’s more reason to worry because artificial smells are used to mask the strong odor of chemicals. They can also be the cause of health issues in your little one. 

Do not buy in bulk 

If you shop excessively for the same product, then it runs the risk of living past its expiry date. Shelf life is critical in concern with baby products.

Take the advice of a pediatrician

It can be overwhelming for a new parent to decide what is best for the baby. Do not hesitate to seek help when you need it. A doctor’s advice goes a long way.


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