The Right Choices for Gift of T Shirt

Once considered a full-fledged undergarment, this piece of cotton has come a long way to becoming true basics of the men’s wardrobe. Let it be said, today, the t-shirt is undoubtedly one of the clothes that we consume the most and which we replace most often. So we tend to be less looking towards him (wrongly, of course.), While investing in good and vigorous t-shirts is the key to a well-controlled dressing. When looking for a t-shirt, several parameters must be taken into account: the material, the quality of the finishes or the cut. There is no secret; a good t-shirt will have to meet these main requirements. A visit to is essential here.

  1. The little story of the t-shirt

Even if the exact origin of the t-shirt is rather vague, we know that it was indeed present in the cloakroom of the men of the American popular class of the nineteenth century. Most often, it was found as an undergarment, worn under a shirt or under a blue work. The piece of light cotton was adopted by the US Army, specifically by the US Navy in 1913 as an undershirt, for various reasons. With a round neck and short sleeves, the white cotton t-shirt absorbed perspiration and was easy to wash. It is from then on that this piece will gradually demilitarize and then gain popularity. During the Second World War, the US military will in turn initiate Europe to the famous t-shirt. It will then be adopted in the civil life, until becoming today one of the essential basics of the masculine locker room.

  1. The different materials of the t-shirt

In the vast majority of cases, except for exception due to creative madness, t-shirts are made from cotton, silk, wool (merino), or synthetic materials (polyester, viscose). Most of the time, a t-shirt is made of 100% cotton, so the difference is the quality of the cotton used. Note that it is quite possible to find on the market t-shirts with a low percentage of synthetic materials, such as polyester. With Auntie Shirts and Gifts you can go for the best deal. The latter will give a different feel to the final fabric and will promote better durability. But it is especially cheaper. Silk is sometimes used, but given the high cost of this material, it is often replaced by its synthetic counterpart: viscose. Finally, it is not uncommon to find merino wool t-shirts, a much more interesting material than we think for this type of room.

  1. The cotton

The most widely used natural material in the world, cotton is a plant fiber taken from the cotton flower. Moderately warm, resistant, easy to maintain and soft, there are various qualities, the most prestigious from Zimbabwe. Nevertheless, the one guaranteeing one of the highest quality standards that is frequently found is called Pima or Egyptian cotton. It comes from the gossipier barb dense, a tree originally growing in South America producing cotton with long, soft and strong fibers. When we talk about t-shirts, we can also talk about cotton jersey. It is primarily a type of weaving originated on the island of Jersey. The use of cotton has now spread to create light and soft fabrics. It is found on models of t-shirts for the hot season.

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