The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Top Nude Lipstick According to your Skin Color


Searching the best nude lipstick is back-breaking than it sounds. Wearing dark lipsticks is now out of fashion. Too light, and you start to look like the living dead. However, nothing is as good as you find the best nude lipstick according to your skin tone. An ideal nude lipstick will make your skin lively and add a shine to your face. If selected and applied appropriately, nude lipstick has the exceptional capability to sense stylish like the red lipstick constantly catches attraction. In short, a perfect nude lipstick will definitely boosts your overall personality. As we know that, fashion costs too much. Have you heard about the chic lazada voucher? If yes, then try this voucher and get healthy discount on several makeup items. You are recommended to check for more exciting and amazing promotions. Here we discuss the top nude lipstick that definitely suits your skin tone:

Alabaster Skin Tone:

If you have a light and creamy skin pitch then you should use soft, dusty baby nude pink lipstick. This type of lipstick is unique and show stopper. Try this nude pink lipstick on beach-side parties and make a statement. Pro tip: if you wear too light, you may look like a corpse.

Fair Skin Tone:

For fair skin tone, we recommend you a rosy beige nude lipstick. Most of the models with fair skin texture prefer to wear this lipstick. This rosy beige nude lipstick will match your skin tone and makes you attractive and beautiful. This lipstick is for office use and formal parties. Try this with open hairs and you will surely rock the world.

Light Skin Tone:

For light skinned ladies with vaguely olive texture, use a warmer nude color. You can categorically go pink, and you can absolutely go beige. You can also add more shade in your lipstick if you have alabaster or fair skin surface. Yes, it’s costly, but nothing is more important than looking stylish and beautiful. Apply lazada voucher as this voucher gives markdown on such makeup products. How to find this voucher? Simply visit and pick this voucher. also offers hundreds of promotions, discounts, and vouchers at a single click.

Warm Olive Skin Tone:

For warmer olive skinned girls, choose a caramel tone beige nude lipstick. The pigment of this lipstick is darker than your skin shade. Wear a glossier combination and add a lively feel on your face. This lipstick have come in various shades, so select sensibly that which color suits more on you.

Tan Skin Tone:

If you have brighter hair and skin, experience a glossy, shimmery nude to carry out the sun kissed look with distinct eye makeup. Don’t waste time on other things and pick the Urban Decay Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss. Don’t think too much about money and purchase immediately with the help of lazada voucher. This voucher is especially for girls who want to add several makeup products to their wardrobe. Get this voucher instantly from