Top 5 summer styles for women

Trends are always desirable by all and especially by the women, but like how a good dish is incomplete without a recipe, it too is incomplete without proper essentials. These are the items that you usually rely on to make your outfit more appealing. From a simple Kurti to the most trend white t-shirt look, all these should add to your summer outfit wardrobe collection. So, if you need to be at the top of the game this summer, you need to be familiar with all the essentials. Worry not. We have created a list of the Top 5 summer styles for women that will guide you to look as hot as summer with the least effort possible. So, what are we waiting for? Let us get started


The first and the most would be Kurtis. Kurti is an Indian dress that can easily be worn during the summer. A light green Kurti, earrings and a good color combination dupatta will make even the mighty sun get blushed. You can always count on this color code combination.


The second that falls on the list would be the white T-shirt. This may not please you initially, but it is one of the most reliable dress code combinations because of its versatile nature. This summer style can quickly help you with any other combinations in your attire, and you would work great on it. This can never go wrong no matter whether you wear jeans, a skirt, shorts or anything along with it.


What else do you need if you have a pair of denim jackets with you? So just wear it and go out to steal some attention. Also, make sure to leave it unbuttoned to add that relaxed vibe to your outlook.


Nothing is as simple as a white shirt. Just a few buttons starting from your neck opened followed by some jeans or skirts, and you are ready to go


This style is so flattering and comfortable at the same time, giving you a cool look. It can quickly go along with flats and heels meant both for a day and night outfit.