Why Are Flowers So Expensive In Singapore

Over the past two years, the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) has named Singapore as the city with the most expensive living costs globally, ahead of Paris, France, and Oslo, Norway.

Four reasons why the cost of living in Singapore is so high:

  1. Improved economic conditions
  2. Minimal subsidies from the government
  3. High property prices
  4. Most of the goods are imported

Flower bouquets are often used for various events – starting from decorations, awards to weddings. This flower bouquet can use multiple types of flowers, depending on the event type. We can buy flower bouquets at various florists or flower shops. Currently, we can buy flowers online and offline. A flower bouquet usually consists of one type of flower or various kinds of flowers arranged together. Since not everyone can arrange a flower bouquet, usually we can ask a florist to arrange it for help. We can also request whatever flowers we want in the bouquet.

How Much is the Price of a Flower Bouquet?

When buying a flower bouquet, usually the number and type of flowers used will affect the flower bouquet’s price. However, not all types of flowers are easily found. The cost of each type of flower also varies. Hence, the price of a flower bouquet also varies depending on the following:

Types of flowers arranged

If you choose expensive flowers, automatically the flower bouquet you buy will be more expensive. If you are confused in choosing the type of flower to be arranged, you can consult with the florist. With the experience they have, they can help us combine whichever flower is right if made into a series.

Series form

Apart from the types of flowers used in the arrangement, the flower arrangement’s shape is also one of the factors why flower prices are different. Not to mention the amount of interest you want to use. The more the amount of interest, the more fees you have to pay.


Where you buy flowers also affects the price of a flower bouquet. You need to consult with Flower Advisor Singapore because each florist has its rate, so choosing a florist will also determine the costs you have to spend to buy flower arrangements.

These three things can affect the price of a flower bouquet. For the selection of flowers, you should determine according to the event’s theme. The purpose of making the bouquet is also one of the effective tips in choosing flowers to make a bouquet. Because every flower has a different meaning.

Flowers Are Most Often Used To Make Flower Bouquet

In addition to knowing the price range for a flower bouquet, you should also identify the types of flowers that are most often used before buying a flower bouquet. And here are some types of flowers that are most often used to make bouquets.


Rose bouquet Singapore is the one most often used as a bouquet. With its various color choices and beautiful shapes, this one flower is preferred. Moreover, each rose color has its meaning behind it.


Apart from roses, this one flower is often used as a bouquet. This special day will be even happier with charming shapes and colors with this one flower.

Lily flower

This flower is also one of many people’s choices in making flower bouquets. The various and beautiful shapes and colors are advantages of this flower. Moreover, this flower also has a good meaning, namely holiness. No wonder many people use it as a wedding flower bouquet.

What makes fresh flowers so expensive?

There is so much going on behind the flower industry scenes that it has an immediate impact on your pockets.

Why is something that can be picked up right away so expensive?

There are several reasons: flowers are fragile, difficult to care for, wither quickly, hard to grow, are often imported, and can travel across continents on the way from flower fields to flower arranging.

You may grumble at how expensive a bouquet is. Still, that price is the value that has to be paid for the nature of the product: such as the time and money spent by farmers chasing deadlines on special days and the pressure on flower arrangers to keep up with demand, or they will lose heavily.

Flowers in full bloom are actually very fragile – from a physical or a business perspective.

And for flowers grown to meet demand on special days, both the farmer and the florist face higher labor costs and financial risks. Most of the drivers are the many countries that import their flowers—of course, fulfilling that important request requires precision and skill. Flowers should be planted and grown without disease or fungus, potentially spreading throughout the plant.

In developed countries such as the Netherlands or Germany, there are greenhouses with automatic technology such as sophisticated irrigation machines or robotic flower growers and harvesters. Fewer workers are needed. But in poor countries with cheap labor, this technology is scarce.

After that, the flowers need to be delivered. The flowers are waiting on the runway or on the lorry. The temperature should not be too cold or too hot.

When they arrive at the big contractor, these flowers must look perfect. It means that there should be no insect bites, no missing petals, or dead buds. If not, then the interest will be discarded. “Must be absolutely beyond reproach.”

Difficult logistics

Florist estimates that the volume of flowers on special days “is usually almost 20 times the volume of the day”.

Many farmers take care of flowers all year-round to ensure that they can meet special days’ demands. According to him, flowers are sold at normal prices, below normal prices, or thrown away and turned into fertilizer in other months.

“So, of course, flower farmers raise prices when demands increase,” he said. “Consumers pay a high price to ensure that flower growers are adequately compensated for their expenses and efforts to maintain the crop all year round, thus ensuring there are many varieties of flowers available on special days.”