Your Best Choices for the Perfect T Shirt Options

As for shirts, there are different cuts, adjusted, straight, and oversize. You need to be perfect in this matter and that is the reason you can have the best deal now. Unless otherwise deliberately desired (e.g. long t-shirt), the T-shirt should fall approximately at the level of your belt.

The seams of the armholes must fall well at the level of your shoulders. If this is not the case, 2 possibilities: the cut of the T-Shirts For Mimi does not suit you or you have not taken the right size of T-shirt.

Round neck quality t-shirt

The round neck, if it is classic, should not suffocate your neck, but on the contrary leave him a little space.

Choose a quality T-shirt

  • V-neck (strongly discouraged, teamcolrond), must fall to 5 cm above the middle of your pecs.
  • Finally, pay attention to the fall of the sleeves, they must follow the line of your shoulders. 

The T shirt oversize is the most popular T-shirt model of youth for almost 3 years. Highly worn by sportsmen or important actors of reality, the oversized T shirt is the trump card of a trendy look. Finding a tee shirt at la coupe oversize is now very easy. Indeed, the vast majority of fashion stores for men offer this style. Moreover, the choice of oversize men’s T shirt is very complete, you can benefit from very trendy model at low price. 

Before giving you multiple tips for style, choice and style, let’s start with the basics with a simple definition to remember. An oversize t-shirt is a T shirt whose size is voluntarily ample. The term “oversize” is an English word meaning “size above “. This is a trend that affects men and women alike and involves wearing all types of clothing at a size much larger than yours. The oversized look is not new, remember in the 80s / 90s, it was common to dress wider.

Choosing an oversize t-shirt

White oversize T shirt this style of T shirt has a great advantage; it can be worn and chosen by all. Indeed, unlike other T shirt cuts such as V-neck, oversize can be a very good option for all those who want to hide some extra pounds. To choose an oversize t-shirt, you must respect certain essential points:

Stay within reason. Even if wide fashion is very fashionable, do not wear a t-shirt that is too big. The latter will in the best case, correspond to 2/3 larger sizes. Above, the advantage of wearing oversize is counterproductive.

Do not hesitate to make oppositions of looks. An oversized t-shirt goes perfectly with slim jeans, yes, the opposites attract. 

Wear an oversize t-shirt

As we mentioned earlier, wearing an oversize T shirt requires light preparation. Also, depending on your style and the look you want to offer, you can wear your oversize set differently. For example, if you want to have an urban style, the oversize T shirt is a very good choice with a jog or velvet or cotton tracksuit set. If you also add a nice pair of sneakers rising, you are guaranteed to be at the top of the fashion. In another case, you may want to be more urban, laid back. The long T shirt fits perfectly. With slim jeans and under perfect leatherette, the oversized t-shirt will have its place, you just have to choose beautiful white sneakers, always in order to mark your difference.

The difference with the asymmetrical T shirt

Men’s asymmetric   many of you are wondering what sets the oversized T shirt to asymmetrical. This difference is however very important and perfectly visible. The asymmetric t-shirt is a very unique model, rather destroy shape. This is a T shirt with a non-regular cut, often the size is cut in a rather slanted way. In contrast, an asymmetrical t-shirt can also have an oversized look, both are not inconsistent and besides it is not uncommon to come across this kind of model. You’ll understand, the oversize in the field of men’s t-shirt is perfectly fashionable, do not bother you especially.